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How to Sing Harmony

How to Sing Harmony

How To Sing HarmonyThere is a lot more that goes into singing harmony than just a good voice. As a matter of fact singing is in itself a difficult art form but singing harmony can indeed be quite tough. One group that has almost perfected the art of singing harmony is Il Devo. So if you are wondering about how to sing harmony you should buy some of their music and try to understand the finer points of harmonizing. The first step is of course to gain mastery over your own voice. Once you have done this you should be able to sing along with melody. The next step would be to try and blend your voice with that of another singer and learn to sing in harmony. There are several techniques and exercises that you can incorporate that will help you to learn how to sing harmony.

The first step to harmonizing lies in understanding the vocal pat that suits your voice the best. The usual male vocal parts are Tenor and Bass while the female vocal parts are Alto or Soprano. These are the higher and lower vocal ranges for the male and female voices respectively. The best and the easiest way to determine which part suits you the best is to try to sing a few scales or perform a few exercises.

Many groups that sing harmony will have specific vocal parts for each group member for instance one group member will sing harmony while the other sings melody making them sound richer. If you are new to harmonizing and don’t know how to sing harmony you and your group can use the help of a musical instrument like a piano or keyboard to play the individual notes. If you have four members in your group you can play 4 notes and then synchronize them. Since each member is responsible for one of the notes, playing it on the keyboard will give each singer a cue. If the four notes blend well you have created harmony.

Here are few tips on how to sing harmony

It is important to first know the basic scale before you attempt to sing harmony. If you learn the lead part first, singing harmony will be easier.

Always use a musical instrument like a piano or keyboard as mentioned above so that you can hear and identify the notes that you will be singing. Try to sing the scale to melody before trying to sing the notes out of scale order.

Try to involve another person who knows the harmony of a particular piece well. He/ She will be able to help you to learn to recognize the notes and the melody that complement a particular theme.

Learn to hear and recognize the dissonance and resonance within the music. If you are singing harmony correctly you will be able to hear a distinct vibration with the sound. Any discord in harmony is very conspicuous and you will be able to point it out easily once you have trained your ears to do so.

Start by singing the notes in the lead or main part and once you have accomplished this move on to the chord above and below the main part. Know that the lower chord or the baritone part is often the most difficult because it will not sound like a tune on its own since it has a strange succession of chords.

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