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Online Voice Lessons: Do they really work?

Online Voice Lessons: Do they really work?

Online Voice LessonsMost aspiring singers who would like to opt for online voice lessons stay away from them because they are not sure about how effective or helpful such sessions are. Online voice lessons can be remarkably helpful if followed diligently and if they are designed by a qualified coach. The biggest problem with the internet is people claim to be whatever they want instead of what they really are on this forum. This means that there are many programs and services being touted as the best and the most effective but in reality are quite futile.

There are two ways to sift through the myriad of online voice lessons. The first way is to check out the program reviews not only on the website which advertises the program but also elsewhere. This may take some time but there are many blogs and forums dedicated to spotting and reporting hoaxes and scams online. So it will not be all that difficult to separate the bad ones from the good ones. The other way is to only go for programs and services that offer a few introductory sessions for free. This way you can experience the affectivity of the online voice lessons yourself. Many times even if the coach is an experienced singer and trainer you may not be able to achieve the level of comfort and rapport required to learn from him/her. The free lessons will give you a chance to make sure that you are indeed buying a service that work best for you.

The next doubt that bothers most people is how can it be possible to learn without the presence of a coach in front of you? Well, singing is a physiological process that involves various speech organs like the muscles, larynx etc. It is a very systematic process where you can produce desired results by following a set procedure. For instance if you want to sing at an extremely high pitch, its not just a random act it involves a set procedure

• You begin with the warm up to prevent damage

• Then you zip your vocal chords and start singing the high notes with your mouth closed

• The next step involves keeping the vocal chords zipped but producing the high tones with the mouth open producing a whiney tone and finally

• You would slightly offset the larynx while the vocal chords are still zipped to correct the whiney tone

However, if you were to ask a novice to sing at an extremely high note, he wouldn’t be able to do so at the first go simply because he/she is not aware of this set procedure. But once he is taught he will be able to follow it and get the desired results without any trouble. Most online voice programs are designed keeping in mind that the users have no prior knowledge of singing. Also the instructions are very explicit because the programs are designed for people who intend to learn on their own.

So the instructions will usually include detailed knowledge about the voice functions and information on the precise way in which you can make your voice function at its best. So it is possible to learn singing without the actual physical presence of a coach. All you need are great instructions that will teach you to use your voice efficiently from the beginning. Once you learn the correct technique early on you will not have to correct the vocal troubles that arise later.

Any good online voice lesson will include detailed instructions on how to produce desired results and how to use your voice efficiently. The instructions will also include information on how it should sound and feel if you are doing everything correctly

The courseware will also have video/ audio demonstrations which will let you hear the correct versions so that you can compare your performance with the correct version and figure out where you are going wrong

And finally many programs will also offer phone support if you run into trouble. They will usually have experienced instructors who you can talk to over the phone if you experience problems

Many instructor led online voice lessons will involve regular chat sessions over Skype with the voice coach which is as good as having an instructor right in front of you.

So as you can see, it is possible to learn through online voice lessons. As a matter of fact online voice lessons are a great way to learn singing for people who couldn’t think about learning professional singing due to financial constraints.

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