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Singing Techniques: Scream Singing

Singing Techniques: Scream Singing

Man scream siningMany people will agree that Mariah Carrey won her first few Grammys for her debut album the Power of Love because of her extraordinary and unique scream singing technique. When quizzed about her ability to sound husky and scream sing at the same time Mariah attributes it to the nodes on her vocal chord. However the reality is that with a little bit of diligent practice anybody can master this singing technique. Yes you will need to have a very good vocal range and since it is one of the more advanced singing techniques it is certainly not recommended that you try it after your first few singing lessons. But if you thing you can comfortably sing the high notes and have good voice control you can definitely learn to the scream singing technique. However, you will need to be very careful when scream singing. It has to be done very careful other wise the chances of damaging your vocal chords are very high. In this article we will talk about the different tips that will help you to learn to scream sing and how to avoid damaging your vocal chords while scream singing. 

In order to scream sing properly you will have to learn to sing with the false vocal chords. This is one of the singing techniques that involves screaming in a band so that the vocal chord and tissues are not strained. If you experience any signs of vocal fatigue like hoarseness or soreness you know you are not doing it right.

Before you start practicing scream singing the first step is to determine your vocal range you will have to find out which category your vocal range falls in: alto, soprano, tenor etc. The easiest way to get more information on this is to ask your music teacher or a friend who knows enough about vocal ranges. You can also try to discover your range on your own but you will need to have a thorough understanding of musical notes and tones to do so. Once you vocal range has been determined you can take the first step towards learning to scream sing.

One of the crucial things to remember before you actually start the scream singing sessions is that this is one of the most demanding singing techniques and you will have to follow a very stringent warm-up regimen before you start scream singing. Even professionals like Randy Ruth and Phil Labonte indulge in judicious warm up sessions before they start scream singing. You can choose any of the common and standard warm –up exercises that suit you the best.

When scream singing the more nasal sounds are the best over the more animal like sounds. This is because the nasal sounds will not damage the vocal chords and are easier to produce than the deep throat sounds. If you don’t know how to produce a good nasal sound think about Marge Simpson, that is possibly one of the best renditions of the nasal sound.

Also nasal singing will require very deep breathing so you will certainly need to learn to incorporate deep diaphragmatic breathing in your singing. So start by placing your hand on your diaphragm and breath deeply feeling your rib cage, abdomen and diaphragm expand but make sure that your shoulders don’t move upwards when you inhale. Once you have mastered the nasal sound and the correct breathing technique you are ready for your very first session of scream singing.

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